Tags in a CRM software refer to descriptive labels or keywords that are used to categorize and organize customer data based on their attributes or interactions with your company.

Benefits of using this feature include:

1) Improved organization: Tags enable easy searching and filtering of customer data based on specific keywords or attributes, making it simpler to identify and analyze customer trends and behaviors.

2) Personalization: By tagging customers based on their interests or preferences, businesses can tailor their messaging and communication in a more targeted and personalized manner.

3) Enhanced segmentation: Tagging helps create well-defined customer segments based on specific characteristics or behaviors, which can be leveraged to develop tailored marketing campaigns or customized product offerings.

4) Improved collaboration: By creating a common language and understanding of customer data across teams, tags facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing among different team members.

In Scalerize we use the following tagging naming conventions to help make it clearer what client properties should be tagged versus custom fields. It also helps you to be able to search via tag much easier.

See the categories and specific examples below:

  1. Product
    • Product: Your Core Offer Name
  2. Source
    • Source: Macro Calculator Lead Magnet
  3. Event
    • Event: Completed Intake Form
  4. Access
    • Access: Your Specific Course Name (Available in the Scale plan and above)
  5. Segment
    • Segment: Current Client