A visual representation of the sales process within a CRM software, from lead to close. The pipeline consists of stages, each representing a step in the sales process, and each opportunity is represented as a deal moving through those stages.

The pipeline provides sales teams with a clear overview of where each deal is in the sales process, allowing for easy management of individual opportunities and overall sales performance.

In Scalerize we have expanded the use of Pipelines to monitor and manage every single significant journey you use in managing your entire business.


  1. Increased visibility: Pipeline deals allow sales managers and representatives to track the status of each opportunity in the sales process, providing visibility into the health of each lead, and enabling them to identify potential issues or opportunities.
  2. Streamlined workflow: Pipeline deals can help streamline both the sales and coaching processes, as it provides a clear overview of the lifecycle for each opportunity. This can help you prioritize your activities and work more efficiently, which can lead to more closed deals, greater client results and increased client retention.

We currently support and automate the following pipelines:

  • Prospect Pipeline
  • Front End Offer Pipeline
  • Onboarding Journey
  • Workout Compliance
  • Check-in Form Compliance
  • Brand Ambassador Journey

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