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Rocking Your Rewards

Naman Modi October 5, 2021

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So here to talk about rocking your rewards because gamification is great as far as we can score points, but we want to kind of look a little deeper on how to incentivize people with value adds for them, for getting all of these points. Right? And so the first reward that I want you to stress, and you've probably heard me mention this a couple of times before, is that getting points means they're reaching their goals first and foremost, you're having them do these things because successful people do these things and reach their goals, right? So that would be, I would encourage you to be putting that through as you're delivering course content, as you bring people in and you're indoctrinated them into the gamification thing that that is happening for you, right on top of that, I have three basic categories of rewards that you can give right to the left.

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I have status based. Then I have products and services that you can give them and then premium content. And I'm just gonna break these down quickly for you to think through, but you'll obviously have an assignment and a form you can fill in where you can start brainstorming some of these things and talk about what might be beneficial for your particular use case. So status based really simply like, you know, there's ranks in achievements, right? If you get a certain amount of points, perform these tasks, now you can reach a rank or an achievement, right? And ranks, we know are just progressive. There's different levels of them. And achievements can either be a badge or requests, some type of accomplishment. They do that is a reflected by having a cool badge every time they post, right? You also have your leaderboard. So you want to find ways of like getting people to look at the leaderboard, right?

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If you're using the hall of heroes, or if you put group leader boards individually, for groups you can have, and all of that fun stuff, right. Notifications are helpful and you can have there's weekends ways we can do pop-ups or emails or texts or posting the activity feed. Hey, you got this new rank, great job, right. Public recognition, right. We can do an email blast. What if we did a, a quarterly email blast or a monthly email blast talked about some of the high performers or big accomplishments that people have accomplished there and praising them for it. This may sound silly, but no one hates being portrayed as more significant. No, one's going to argue about that with you and it's going to be, oh my gosh, you made me feel more significant. I can't believe you did that. Right? Not going to happen. You can post in a forum so you can actually go into the forum, right?

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If you have like a motivation and accountability forum, you can now go in there and you can say to them, put a post in there and, and, you know, put that person and give them some public praise or even live or video shout outs. Right. So if you just posted a video and embedded in there and just, Hey, you know, these three people made, you know, this special rank this week, or, you know, got this many points or completed this course or whatever it is that you want to do there. Right? So all this status based stuff, and it matters. It's helpful. It may not be the end, all be all for everybody, but it's helpful. Rest assured, right? The second thing is, is just straight up giving them like products or services. So if you've got any merge, right, you can earn free. T-shirt it's amazing what people do for a free t-shirt.

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If you don't believe me, go to any sporting event. And there's people that are dancing around like absolute morons so that the, like the mascot can like fire a bazooka gun with like a t-shirt into the stands and maybe they get it right. You can offer VIP coaching. So either group or individualized, where you can do extra coaching services for them, they can actually meet with you. You give them a, a percentage of their time. Obviously your time is very valuable. So you want this to be pretty big achievements, pretty important achievements that they're doing, that they are accomplishing in order to make that happen a free month of your subscription services. So most people are on a monthly membership to be a part of your site. You can comp them a free month. Hey, you got a free month. Congratulations. People love that stuff. And then discounts. So you can also give them discounts. And there's actually a plugin in, on your site that helps us to create a woo commerce discount based on their points. So they can pay,

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Pay less money. Right. And then premium content is, so if you have any like VIP groups or bonus downloads, anything you have, that's like a lead magnet that you would use can actually be something of value. They can get people enjoy that stuff, premium lessons in your courses. So there's ways of gaining lessons in like making it like, Hey, here's the secrets of life lesson, but only these people get access to it. And so they see it's there, but they can't read it and they want to know about it, or, you know, whatever it is, you know, but you really want to sit down and you want to take some time and you wanna look at all of the things of value you can add to your clients, to your members. And then out of that list say, okay, what do we want to use as leverage to incentivize people to take more passionate in this whole game of vacation and engagement in the site and all the activities that your outlook,

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Once you have those answers, there's a form for you to fill all that stuff out. We'll look forward to getting that submitted and you're well on your way to the study of dreams.