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How to do mark as complete

Mike Montefusco October 12, 2021

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So here we are in the back of or site. And I want to talk to you today about mark has completed point types events. Okay. And so what's really cool about the setup that we've got for you is that you can create a habit or behavior or any type of thing that you want to create for your clients to do that they can manually mark it as complete. Right. And who number one, who doesn't love going to their checklist of the day and like checking something off that it's done. Right? It's, it's enormously gratifying. First of all, second of all, this lets us game-ify pretty much anything we want. So say for your fitness clients, you have, you want them after they create their goals, that they are to read their goals once a day so that they ingrain them in them and then they become more motivated.

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Right? So let's say we're doing that. So let me show you how we would pull that off using the mark as complete feature, which looks a little like this CMS is here. So it's got this check box and I've already got checked as on the uncheck it, but it says, read your goals, right? And then there'll be a check box. So this is how we're going to do this. We're going to go to point types right here. And then, you know, from the master, the master menu of point types, you'll see all the different ones that are available. I'm going to walk you through it. Right. And so here's learning loop. We're going to go to right. And I'll open that up and then we're going to go here and then you'll notice if I scroll down, you can add Marcus completed, checkbox, read your goals. Let's add another one. So we can see how that works. Let's do add new points of word.

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Then we're going to go here to make it faster. We're going to write Marcus completed. Let me see it's down there. Perfect. We'll choose that instead of a check box, let's do a button, you know, and then you could put a label on there, right? How many points they want to earn? Right? So now say this was something that you wanted to do. Habitually. We can do this. Earn one time is limited to one per day. So say, if I sit here, I did, you know, I want them to read their goal 60 times, but they can only get credit for it once a day. Right. So they can do it 60 times, but only one of those 60 can be each day, but each day they'll be getting closer and closer to 60. When I hit 60, then they'll actually get the points for this as one way of doing this. Right? So they have to do the 60 times limited to one per day. Then look at the points where you can just do zero this out. And then one time now they only to do it once and they can do it once per to get

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It. But we're going to say, we're going to limit it to a number of, they can only do it say 10 times. So you've got Marcus completed. They can get, they get these points. If they do at one time, they're only allowed to do it once per day. And they can do that for 10 days before they hit their maximum. Right. Where you could have said that they have to mark as complete to get these points. They have to do it 10 times, but they can only do it once per day. Right? So that's how that breaks down. It lets you customize the look and feel of it. And then how many points they're going to get for it. So we make it worth five points and then we'll put down here, let's say I'm gonna write some different so you can see. And it's the other one is your meditate on goals.

Mike: (03:42)

Right? And then I'm gonna do save all points, awards. I tell people to have what's called Seva phobia, which means just like save more than you feel like you need to. Okay. And then we're gonna come on over to the page that you're working in here. And then in WordPress, you can put a block in like this. Now either HTML or shortcode will both make sure that it shows up no problem. Right? So either of those is, is good to use. And you'll notice it says here, gaming press points, types equals learning loop. And I'll put a link to this in here. This is the actual shortcode. And then here are the different attributes you can change in the short code. For example, you can put type and then you can write all or you can put in the slug of the point type, right?

Mike: (04:23)

So if I was getting press and then type all and I just cut it off there, it's just gonna show me all of those. No big deal. Right? So that's here or I put in the slug and the slug you can see here is whatever's in here. So you literally copy this and you would put it in. You put a space after points, types. It's kind of hard to see cause there's the red, underline it. And then I'd write type and then equal. And then inside quotation marks, you'll put learning loop right now. If I come on over here and I refresh this page, I know I didn't save that because it's already saved on there, but it can't hurt to do so. You're going to see here is meditate on goals and then they can mark the button as completed by clicking on that and get credit for it. Right? So that's basically how this would work for someone that you want them to have, do something habitually or one time or whatever it is, but you want them to just manually do it and not have to set up some automated technological events to signify that it happens. So this is Marcus completed, powerful feature. Hope you make good use of it. See you on the next lesson.

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