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Naman Modi August 3, 2021

In this video, we’re going to discuss the group leaderboard and how to edit your group leaderboard.

When a group has created a group, the leaderboard is also automatically created for this specific. So if you hover your mouse to BuddyBoss it’s select groups, then click on a new group to add a group.

This new group will then automatically have its own group leaderboard, but since we’ve already created a group called coach, then we’ll go ahead and use this one.

However, if you don’t have a group created yet, then you can create one and watch the creating group video to learn how to create a group to edit your group. Leaderboard. Let’s go to GamiPress GamiPress is a WordPress plugin that lets you incorporate features common and gameplay such as point systems and competition between your members.

We’ll talk more about the GamiPress features in another video, for now, ┬áhover on GamiPress, then leaderboards. From here, you will see all the leaderboards created. You can also choose to add a new leaderboard by clicking on, add new. We’ll talk more about creating leaderboards in another video for now. Let’s go ahead and select the group coach leaderboard. Since this is the leaderboard that we want to edit here, you will be able to set or select what to show on this group. Leaderboard. You can set how many users you’d like to be ranked. You can also set how many users you’d like to show per page. This is a very good feature. If you have too many users and you’d like all of your users to be included on this leader, toggle on which metric or report you’d like to track on this specific group, you also have the option to filter out reports based on a specific period. So you can choose to only show today yesterday, current week, et cetera, you can choose which reports you’d like to show on your group. Leaderboard by toggling each report, you can also enable search sort, hide administrators, and cash.

Aside from choosing what you’d like to show on the group leaderboard. We also have this gear icon where you can set some basic settings, such as visibility, where you can set. If you’d like this leaderboard to be public-private or password protected. We also have an excerpt where you can add some texts to be shown upon viewing the leaderboard and the leader shortcode as a code we can use to embed leaderboard to any. So got everything set up. Don’t forget to click on updates to save the changes you’ve made. Now, if you want to view the group leaderboard, to see how it will look like, then we’ll need to create a page to embed your group leaderboard. But first, we will have to exit out from the leaderboard editor to do so. Click on the WordPress icon, located in the upper left-hand corner. Then click on pages located on the left-hand side corner. Once you’re inside pages, click on, add new. This will add a new page, type in the title of your page. After adding your title, click on the plus button to add a block

Type in the shortcode in the search box, then click on share. You have the shortcode block added copy and paste the shortcode from your leaderboard. So you’ll have to grab this shortcode and paste it inside your shortcode block in your group leaderboard page, don’t forget to click on publish, to publish your page. After publishing your page, you can preview it to see how your group leaderboard would look like

Click on preview, then preview in the new tab. This will open your group leaderboard on a new tab and we’ll show all the reports, metrics you’ve set, and the position of every member of this group.

But since we don’t have any data on each metric yet for this group, then this is why there’s no data shown in this group leaderboard yet. However, the data should more or less look like this.