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Email Invites

Mike Montefusco October 12, 2021

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Right. So we're gonna talk about one of my favorite features that exists here in gaming, press, excuse me, in buddy boss. We will give points for it with gaming press, but it's a buddy boss deal here. Right? So what we've got going on here is if you go to buddy boss which is right up here, right? And we've got all these things here and then you can see there's components and I should already have this configured for you, but it's good to just know where it is. You can review this right here, so you can see there's all these different components you can activate. Right? And so there is on here in mail invites and this should be checked. If that's checked, let me show you how we're gonna roll. Right. So if I just go now and I go visit the site and I go here and we'll say, I go to my profile.

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Now I'm an admin. So I may have to swap over for a second. But if I go to my profile, right, but there's even email invites right here. I can even click it right from the menu. It's both on your profile and it's on this menu here, right? So here's email invites. And so now basically what it is is you, I'm gonna show you where you can set this, right? So this is just really generic, but you put in the recipient's name and recipient's email, and then you can do, I believe five at a time. And you can send out these invites to your friends and you actually will gamify that, that they'll, your members will get points for this. Super cool. So the other thing we're gonna look at is like, what do we do here? How do we configure this? And the way we're gonna do that is we're gonna come over here.

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And then we first, we would look at email invites, settings like this, and you'll see, you can choose whether you want them to allow them to customize the email, body content, customize the, the subject, right. Select profile type of event of invite whatever. If, if you wanna have 'em do that. If you, we, you probably haven't gotten a profile types at this here. But this is like, if you have different kind of classifications and permissions that you give there's rules, that you can assign certain people to like, so this person's like a free person. They cannot, they can't go into this group or whatever, that kind of thing. Right? So now a lot of profile types. So you, if you wanna say it only certain profile types can have this permission is you check this right? And so this could limit, who's actually allowed to do this or not. I wouldn't be very limiting on this. I want people to kind of spread the word, particularly if you have some kind of a cool free offer that you can give to them. Now, if we were to go to buddy Boston side here again, you're gonna see there's this emails tab. And in this emails tab, there's a lot of like standard email templates that you can use. I think the invitations is on the next page

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Group update status update. Oh, maybe not. Okay. So let's go back here. Let's do this,

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Right? And then you go invitation. So this is has been invited by a member to join the website. A member has sent a group invitation to the recipient. It, so these are the different emails. So this is an email that the sender will get notifying them. And this is the email that the recipient will get. And so you can go in and you can make it so it can say whatever you want, and then you can either give them the flexibility to change it themselves, or you can lock them in. That's the only thing they can do. And then obviously, you know, there's all of these different email tokens. If you clicked on here, it would show you all the different ones, right? So you've been invited by that person's name to join, whatever. Right. and then of course, we're putting the invite in the subject line so that this friend opens it, right.

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Because they know this person, so that's going to matter, but this is email M email invites. It is something that you can gamify. It's a really powerful feature. It's also something that I would encourage, like let people do a little bit each month, right? So they're not just like blasting a whole list, but maybe they're just like systematically inviting, say 10 people a month or whatever it is that you wanna do there. And then you can make it, they have to do that for a few months in a row to hit the, the payout that you are after. We're all throwing a bunch of stuff up against the wall and kind of comparing stats on like, what worked well, what, what didn't and why? So obviously as we continue to grow in our ability to monitor these sites where our clients will grow in our ability to kind of advise what we've seen, be most successful for people. But for right now, you definitely want this included, particularly if you have some type of a low dollar or for re offer that can get people to start to engage with your community. I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial on email invites. I hope you make great use of this feature.

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